We are the

St. Francis Band

Marching Band

The Marching Knights take to the field in the Fall performing at SFS Football games, home and away! The Marching Knights keep the fans engaged throughout the game. At halftime, Mr. Collier and his team arrange for a memorable show every week playing classic hits all season long.

The marching band, in uniform at a football game, marching to the field to play their halftime show.

Pep Band

The pep band plays at every home basketball game. They mainly play before the game, but also during timeouts and quarter changes. From the start of the season to the end, the SFS Pep Band helps keep the crowd engaged and provides energy!

The pep band, in the stands of the gym, playing at a basketball game.

Concert Band

The concert band plays more traditional music in a concert setting. They hold two concerts a year: one in December and one in the spring. The concert band is sure to always draw a crowd!

COncert band members playing at a concert.

Band Camp

Every year, our marching band spends a week at Camp Nuhop, in Ashland County, Ohio. We spend the week learning our halftime show for that season. It isn't all work though: there's lots of opportunities for activities and bonding, such as a ropes course, and there's something for everyone. There's never a dull moment at Band Camp!

A sunset over Pleasant Hill Lake, the lake the camp is on.  A person is sitting at the end of a dock.
Various band members practicing on the practice field.

The band director

The band has been under the direction of Mr. Carl Collier for almost 40 years. Since 1986, he has lead the band and shaped it into the program it is today.

A headshot of Mr. Collier.

No experience necessary

You can join the band, even if you don't have any experience. Many of the students had never played their instrument before they started, such as Zane Newland (pictured). We will work with you and help you improve no matter what your skill level is!

Zane Newland, one of the band members who didn't play their instrument when they joined, holding it.

Beyond the Band Room Doors

Our band students don't just do band. We provide them the time and flexibility to continue doing the other things they enjoy. From musical to art to horseback riding, you don't have to give up what you already do to join band!

A band student playing soccer, about to kick the ball.
All the band students who are in musical with Nr. Collier. The students are in costume and the set for Something Rotten! is behind them.

Want to join band?

If you want to join band, you can fill out the interest form. This isn't a commitment; you can decide later not to. If the form doesn't load, try disabling your ad blocker.

Not sure yet?

That's OK! If you want to get a better idea of what the band is like, you can join our BAND page or view our Instagram to see all our pictures, or send Mr. Collier a question.

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